Liquor Licenses

An annual fee is charged to businesses engaged in liquor sales approved by the State. Fiscal Services collects the fee, which is one-half the State’s fee. Businesses must have the State, County, and City permits to legally sell alcohol within the City limits.

To apply for a TABC liquor license  in the City of Fredericksburg, please follow these instructions step by step:

1.  Obtain an application and personal history sheet from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), which can be done by one of the following:

  • Printing documents off TABC’s website ( click here for website); or
  • In-person at the San Marcos Office - Licensing and Enforcement/Audit and Investigations Personnel
    Hays County Courthouse, 111 East San Antonio Street, Suite 100, San Marcos, TX 78666
    (512) 393-7744

Read the instruction booklet thoroughly. Answer all pertinent questions on the application form and the personal history sheet.

2.  Return the completed application and personal history sheet to TABC as soon as possible. The quicker these are returned, the quicker your background investigation can be started. Once checked, your application will be returned to you.

3.  Take the applications to the State Comptroller’s Office, instructions are on the application.

4.  After obtaining the appropriate signature at the State Comptroller’s Office, you must obtain the signatures on the City of Fredericksburg TABC Verification Form ( click here for form). Take the applications and the Verification Form to the City of Fredericksburg Health Department and then the Development Services Department. The Development Services Department and Health Department will sign off on the verification form if no additional permits are required.  If an additional permit is needed, they will sign off on the Verification Form once that permit process is completed.

5.  After obtaining the Health Department and Development Services signature then, bring the City TABC verification form and TABC forms to the City Secretary’s Office for the city certifications:

6.  After you have had your applications certified by the Comptroller and the City, you will need to follow the remaining steps provided by the TABC office.