Code of Ordinances

The online version of the City of Fredericksburg's Code of Ordinances is available for viewing through Municipal Code Corporation. This online version is updated through Ordinance 25-010, enacted June 1, 2015.

Any Ordinances adopted after June 1, 2015, can be accessed through the OrdBank.

This online version of the City of Fredericksburg's Code of Ordinances is not the official version. The only official version is available through the City Secretary's Office.

Additional Ordinances that were not included in the recent Supplement:

 2022-09  Voluntary Annexation
668 Pyka Rd.
2022-10 Land Use Change for 1100
 Friendship Lane
2022-11 Zoning for 1100
Friendship Lane
 2022-12 Rezoning to amend PUD
1511 & 1565 E. Main St.
2022-13 Short Term Rental Zoning
and Land Use
2022-14 Short Term Rental 
Permit Fees
2022-15 Recreational Fee at Lady Bird
 Johnson Municipal Park
2022-20 Municipal Court Fees, Fines
and other befits
2022-22 Land Use Change for
Morin Park
 2022-23 Zoning of Morin
Park Subdivision
2022-24  Amendment to Records
Management Program
 2022-21 FY2022
 Budget Amendments
 2022-25 Voluntary Annexation
E. Morse Street & Lee Street
2022-26  Land Use Change for
528 South Milam
2022-27 Zoning Change
for 528 South Milam
 2022-28 Amended Schedule
Stage 4 Watering
If an Ordinance # is missed, it could have already been codified or not approved by City Council .

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