Recognition, Proclamation, and Honor Policy

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City of Fredericksburg City Council

Recognition, Proclamation, and Honor Policy

  1. Purpose

To define parameters and qualifications for Certificates of Recognition, Mayoral Letters, and Proclamation recipients.

II. Definitions

  1. Mayoral Recognitions: A recognition of a citizen or organization for outstanding achievement or service to the community. They are typically read at City Council Meetings.
  2. Certificates of Recognition: A certificate typically recognizing a sports team, band or academic team. They will be available for pick up in the City Secretary’s Office.
  3. Mayoral Letter: Letters of welcome, recognition, or congratulations/celebrations
  4. Proclamations: Document proclaiming a public or official announcement in honor of significant events, organizations, and persons who have made a significant contribution to the community.

III. Requirements

      A.   Mayoral Recognition will be issued to commemorate events such as:

  1.        Retiring City employees or military service men and women with more than 20 years of  service
  2.       Outstanding meritorious achievement (e.g., heroic lifesaving actions)
  3.      Service to the community (e.g. service across multiple boards and commissions over several years)

     B.  Certificates of Recognition will be issued to teams from educational organizations (public and private schools) for athletic or academic achievement.

     C.  Mayoral Letters will be issued to welcome conferences, conventions, seminars, etc.; significant birthdays (age 80 and above); wedding anniversaries (50th and above); organization anniversaries (25th and above).

   D.   Proclamations will be issued for:

  1.         Significant events (e.g., local version of Federal or State Proclamations)
  2.         Proclaiming a named day for outstanding meritorious achievement (e.g., heroic  lifesaving actions)
  3.         Raising public awareness (e.g., alcohol awareness)

 IV. Procedure

  1. Mayoral Recognitions, Certificates of Recognition, and Proclamations are requested by filling out the form on the City Secretary’s website and are subject to approval by the Mayor. 
  2. Mayoral Letters should be requested through the City Secretary’s office and are subject to approval by the Mayor. 
  3. Requests must be completed three weeks before (including sample draft information).
  4. Staff will review the proclamation draft included in the request and make any edits necessary to finalize the document. 
  5. The Mayor or the Mayor Pro Tem shall sign recognition documents.

V. Exclusions

     A.  The following events will not be recognized in any form:

  1. Matters of political controversy, ideological or religious beliefs, or individual conviction
  2. Recognitions contrary to City policy or ordinances
  3. Attempts to influence government policy
  4. Personal, political, or business endorsement
  5. Commercial purposes
  6. Common events (e.g., engagements, children’s birthdays)

  (Adopted by City Council  July 5, 2023)

 To request a Proclamation, Recognition, or Honor Certificate, please get in touch with the 

City Secretary Office