Community Service Banner Request

The City of Fredericksburg is proud to provide the Community Service Banner locations for clubs and organizations to publicize their events in our community.

The City Secretary's Office is responsible for the scheduling of banners at the different sites and the putting up and taking down of the banners.  Please verify all banners are in good shape and suitable to hang. The wind has caused damage to banners in the past and issues that will prohibit banners from being displayed are rips in the fabric or vinyl, missing clips, frayed ropes, etc. The banner will not be hung if any of these issues are found before displaying.


  • For Profit Banner Fee: $300.00 per 2 weeks
  • Non-Profit Banner Fee: $150.00 per 2 weeks


The Office of Code Enforcement requests that each club/organization bring the banner packaged in a clearly marked box or storage container with the organization name attached and the banner fee to the Code Enforcement Office no later than the Friday prior to the requested placement date. If the banner and banner payment are not delivered by Friday they will not be hung.

Please verify that the banner has the correct graphics required for the event prior to display time. There will not be any changing of banners after the initial display.

Banners are the responsibility of the various organizations once they are removed. The City will not provide storage for the banners.

Banners should be picked up within the same week they are taken down. The banners will be brought back to City Hall where the representative of the organization will collect the banner.  Banners left at City Hall longer than one week will be disposed of.


For more information:

Please contact Leslie Embrey with any questions regarding the display of Community Service Banners at (830)997-7521.