Short-Term Rentals

The City of Fredericksburg defines Short-Term Rentals (STRs) as a privately owned dwelling, including but not limited to, a single family dwelling, multiple family attached dwelling, apartment house, condominium, duplex, mobile home, or any portion of such dwellings, rented by the public for consideration, and used for dwelling, lodging, or sleeping purposes for any period less than thirty (30) days.

A Short-Term Rental Permit must be issued by the City of Fredericksburg authorizing the use of a privately owned dwelling as a Short-Term Rental.

The purpose of the STR Ordinance is to establish regulations for the use of privately owned dwellings as Short Term Rentals, to minimize negative ancillary impact on surrounding properties, and to ensure the collection and payment of Hotel Occupancy Tax.

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City of Fredericksburg Approves Agreement with Avenu Insights & Analytics 

The City of Fredericksburg, TX has partnered with Avenu Insights & Analytics to assist the City’s staff in the collection and administration of the Hotel Occupancy Tax, the Short Term Rental Permit, and to conduct audit reviews that will ensure all businesses are paying taxes in accordance with the City’s ordinance.

Businesses will begin filing their returns and remitting tax payments to Avenu on behalf of the City of Fredericksburg beginning April 1, 2020. All payments and correspondence must be sent to the Avenu address listed below effective April 1st. This will ensure timely receipt of your payment and avoid any misguided notifications. Update your accounting system and/or notify your business’ tax preparer to mail all correspondence to Avenu.

Short Term Rental permits that will expire in April will receive customized applications from Avenu starting April 17, 2020. You may also download a form here.

Inspections must be requested by calling the City at (830) 990-2056. Follow the recorded instructions. Inspections are conducted Monday through Friday during morning periods 9:00 am to 11:00 pm and afternoon periods 2:00 to 4:00 pm. You must be sure the STR location is unlocked and available during your requested inspection period on the day you request. You do not need to be present for the inspection to be conducted so long as access is made available. The STR permit will be issued when the applicable fee has been received, and the inspection process has been completed.

Avenu is excited to have the opportunity to serve the City of Fredericksburg’s business community. We are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible and hope that you will work with us in this endeavor. If you have questions or perhaps require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Avenu.

Avenu Insights & Analytics Remittance Address:

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Fax: (855) 219-4338


For additional information contact Janelle Chapman (Hotel Occupancy Taxes)