Invocation and Citizen Comments at City Council Meetings

The City of Fredericksburg extends an invitation for individuals to deliver a brief one-minute invocation at one of our City Council meetings....see the Invocation Policy.

The City of Fredericksburg Mayor and City Council want to hear from you.  They have provided several options for communicating with them:
Email - Mayor and City Council
Phone - (830)997-7521

City Council Meetings:
The City Council welcomes citizen participation and allows public comments to address the City Council (see instructions below).

The City Council now uses Speaker Cards.

A Speaker Card is for posted agenda items only; one (1) card per item.  The cards will be entered into the record by the City Secretary.

For written comments - Cards must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. the day before the meeting, all cards received after the deadline will be forwarded to the City Council as soon as practical. 

For verbal comments – Cards may be submitted prior to the meeting no later than two (2) hours before the meeting, or you can complete a Speaker Card in person at the meeting location during the time identified on the meeting agenda.

Public Hearings
Persons wishing to speak for or against a Public Hearing item is not required to sign up to speak.  However, the City encourages that you sign up so your information is recorded correctly.

Speaker Card that can be printed and submitted to

Or complete online.

Online Speaker Card.