Invocation and Citizen Comments at City Council Meetings

The City of Fredericksburg extends an invitation for individuals to deliver a brief one-minute invocation at one of our City Council meetings....see the Invocation Policy.

The City of Fredericksburg Mayor and City Council want to hear from you.  They have provided several options for communicating with them:
Email - Mayor and City Council
Phone - (830)997-7521

City Council Meetings:

 Written Citizen Comments for Public Meetings:
Persons wishing to provide a written comment for a public meeting may do so as follows:

  • Submit the Written Comments Form via form below; or

  • Email comments to; or
  • Complete a Citizen Comment Form in person at City Hall inside the Public    

    Access entrance at 126 W. Main 

    Street, Fredericksburg, Texas, and place in the box marked Citizen Co

    mment Form


All written comments must be received by the deadline indicated on the Agenda or they will be moved to the next meeting.

All written comments received will be posted to the City website under the Agenda tab.

Written Citizen Comments Form 

Verbal Citizen Comments:

Persons wishing to speak during Public Comments must sign up at the meeting during the timeframe indicated on the Agenda.  Upon stepping up to the microphone, speaker must state their name and whether they are a City resident.

Public Hearings:

Persons wishing to speak for or against a Public Hearing item is not required to sign up to speak.

All Comments, whether during public hearings or public comment periods, shall have a time limit of three minutes each. Any threatening, defamatory or other similar comments are prohibited.