Career Opportunities

Police Officers:

To become a Police Officer, applicants will have to go through a rigorous selection process that includes both physical and written exams. If they pass these exams, they will then be selected to continue to an employee interview board and undergo a thorough background check. Moreover, applicants will be required to undergo psychological testing, a polygraph exam, and a medical screening.

Police Officer Application


Individuals who are not law enforcement officers or sworn into the police force will need to go through an interview, polygraph exam, medical screening, and a thorough background check. Any other relevant tests will also be conducted depending on the position being applied for. 

All applicants who successfully complete these stages will be placed on a New Employee Hiring List. This list will be held for approximately six months, or until all positions have been filled.

Civilian/Non-Sworn Application

Fredericksburg Police Department Pay Step-Plan

Step Plan 10-23