Mission & Values

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Improving life within our community through our commitment to community policing by providing ethical police service to all.

Vision Statement

Through our never-ending commitment to provide exceptional service and safeguard our community, the Fredericksburg Police Department will strive to strengthen and preserve community relations and public trust through leadership, integrity, and professionalism.

Core Values

Leadership- We are committed to being leaders in our community and the profession to serve the public with the highest standard of excellence, while developing individuals, teams, and the organization for future service.

Trust- Creating a positive relationship with all citizens to ensure the safety of the community through ethical police service and transparency

Professional- As a professional organization, we are dedicated to the highest standard of personal and organizational excellence, guided by the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, and holding ourselves accountable for our actions.

Service- We are dedicated to understanding the needs of all citizens in our community, building community partnerships, and working to deliver the highest quality services to prevent and deter crime.

Respect- Honoring the traditions and heritage of our community while treating people as we would like to be treated, with fairness and dignity.


Our Community Our Commitment

Our Department

The Fredericksburg Police Department's duty is to safeguard the residents and visitors of the City of Fredericksburg by diligently enforcing the laws of the State of Texas and the City of Fredericksburg. The department is committed to preserving the core values and heritage that make Fredericksburg exceptional. The Fredericksburg Police Department is a Texas Chief of Police Association accredited agency with 38 certified officers, 3 Animal Control officers, 3 Administrative Assistants, 1 Evidence Technician and 65 Volunteers in Police Support. 

Texas Police Chiefs Association
Texas Law Enforcement Recognition Program

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The TPCA program provides recognition to Texas Law Enforcement Agencies that meet Best Practices in Law Enforcement Management and Operations. The program requires the police department to prove compliance with 180 best business practices for law enforcement to independent assessors. These best practices address twelve critical areas of law enforcement that assist the Fredericksburg Police Department in the efficient and effective delivery of service, the reduction of risk, and the protection of individual rights.

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