Open Air Pavilions


Facility reservations may be made starting just after midnight each night, 365 days in advance, or over the phone or in-person at LBJ Municipal Park Headquarters during regular hours, if the facility is still available. All of these pavilions can be rented for a private event.

For information on rentals at Lady Bird Park, call the park office at 830-997-4202; email: or visit: 432 Lady Bird Drive, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Lady Bird Park
  • Pavilion 1 is a small pavilion just inside the gates of Lady Bird Park. It overlooks a beautiful shaded bank of Live Oak Creek just below the dam. Restrooms (handicap accessible) are available across the park road. This pavilion accommodates about 90 people. A barbecue pit is included.
  • Pavilion 2 sits just across from rental facilities, Pioneer Pavilion and Tatsch House and is in close proximity to the park pool. It includes a barbecue pit and a slide below the hill to the creek. Restrooms (handicap accessible) are across the park road. This pavilion accommodates about 100 people.
  • Pavilion 3 is just beyond the Pioneer Pavilion on the park side of the creek. A large barbecue pit is included. It includes a new playground and new restroom facilities (handicap accessible). Pavilion 3 accommodates 120 people. As of July 2022: winds broke the cables on the playground tarp. This playground can still be used but there is no shade at this time. For shade, please visit the playground at Marktplatz or at Old Fair Park.
  • Pavilion 4 is located on the hill across the creek by the golf course driving range. A large barbecue pit is included as well as a playground. There are restrooms (handicap accessible) at the site. This pavilion accommodates 120 people
  • Pavilion 5 is the largest and newest pavilion. It includes a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, a playground, a large barbecue pit and fishing at Lady Bird Lake. Small non-motorized boats are allowed on the creek. This pavilion comfortably seats 120 people.
  Parks Administrative Rules and Prohibited Practices -Open Pavilions
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  • Adelsverein Halle is the largest pavilion of the three at Marktplatz. It has long been the centerpiece for festivals on the square. It accommodates a large crowd with areas around the pavilion suitable for gathering. Restrooms are available nearby.
  • Ocktoberfest Halle runs perpendicular to the larger Adelsverein Halle. It is distant enough to hold a separate event but close enough to use as an add on to the big pavilion. Restrooms are close by and so are the central gardens of Marktplatz and the beautiful Vereins Kirche.
  • Kinder Halle lies adjacent to the large covered playground on Marktplatz just on the other side of the Vereins Kirche. It is an optimal spot for a birthday party or other events. Kinder Halle is transformed into and ice skating rink during the holiday season.