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Code Enforcement

  1. Community Service Banner Request

    Community Service Banner Request

Emergency Services

  1. AED Registration

    Online AED Registration Form - All publicly placed Automatic External Defibrillators should be on record with the local Emergency... More…

  1. Time Sheets

Employee Recognitions

  1. Employee Recognition Form

    This form should be used to recognize a City of Fredericksburg employee for going the extra mile, exceeding expectations, and being an... More…

Employee Self Evaluation

  1. Employee Self Evaluation Form

    Employee Self Evaluation Form to be completed by each employee prior to October 30, 2014.

Health Division

  1. Application for Temporary Health Permit

    Application for Temporary Health Permit


  1. Fredericksburg Police Department - Public Information Request Form

    Texas Public Information Act Information Request Form

Public Information Requests

  1. Public Information Request

    Form that allows a citizen to make a Public Information Request (General Public Information Request).

Special Events

  1. Marktplatz Rental Agreement

    Marktplatz Rental Agreement

  1. Special Event Application

    Special Event Application