Relief Route Task Force

Relief Route Task Force

Since the 1960’s, our community leaders have been debating the concept and need for a relief route around Fredericksburg, Texas. We all know that traffic will continue to increase, and that at some point there will be an oversaturation of local, thru, and tourism traffic. This may result in a deterioration of the efficiency, mobility, and traffic safety in our community. The question is when will that saturation point tip and is the burden worse than the cost of relief?

Several attempts have been made over the decades to promote a relief route to resolve the issue proactively. In each historical attempt, the concerns resulted in the leaders at the time stopping the process. However, the questions unanswered in these exercises were 1) what would be the best solution to this problem, and 2) what does the majority of local residents feel should happen?

In September 2013, a group of interested citizens once again gathered to discuss the viability of a relief route. The group studied the previous efforts and determined that our purpose should not be to advocate for or against a route, but rather do the work to provide a viable solution, inform the public of that solution, and trust the community’s ability to responsibly make this decision as well as live with the consequences of any decisions that were made.

The Relief Route Task Force was formed as a diverse body, drawing from property owners, City Council, County Commissioners, the Chamber of Commerce, the EDC, the Farm Bureau, and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The Task Force compiled with the direction given them by resolutions of the City and County and developed Vision, Mission, and Value (VMV) statements accordingly.

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