Cooperative Agreement


This cooperative agreement provides for the creation of an Administrative (Advisory) Public Health Board, known as the Gillespie County Public Health Board, which shall recommend to the operating members both substantive and procedural rules necessary and appropriate to protect the health and safety of the citizens of Gillespie County, Texas. Any and all rules recommended by the board and adopted by the operating members shall have the full force and effect of law except where in conflict with a state or federal law or duly enacted local ordinance or county law.
  • Composition of the Board. The Health Division shall be advised by a nine member board, all members of which shall be appointed both by the City Council of the City of Fredericksburg and the Commissioner’s Court of the County of Gillespie.
  • Residency Requirements of Board Members. All members of the board must have resided in Gillespie County or have worked in Gillespie County for at least one year prior to their selection.
  • Compensation. All members of the board shall serve without compensation.
  • Non-Voting Ex-Officio Members. The Gillespie County Public Health Division Director and the Gillespie County Public Health Nurse shall be non-voting ex-officio members of the board. The operating members, by majority vote of each governing body, may name additional non-voting, ex-officio members as they may determine. Ex-officio members shall not count in determinations of whether or not a quorum is present at any meeting or for any action of the board.
  • Terms. Board appointments will be made for three year terms and shall be staggered so that three members will be appointed or reappointed each year. All terms will commence on October 1 and will end September 30 of each calendar year. There is no limitation on the number of terms that may be served by any one member.
  • Filling Vacancies. The operating members shall fill any vacancy on the board. Individual persons of the operating members’ governing bodies may nominate new board members.
  • Officers. The board shall elect its own officers, at least including a chair, a vice-chair, and a secretary and such other officers as the board may decide. Officers shall serve one-year terms. Any such officer may be removed from office for any reason by joint action of the operating members.
  • Removal of Members. Members of the board may be removed for just cause, including but not limited to violation of state or local ethics requirements, conviction of a felony, misappropriation of funds or property, embezzlement, and an unexcused failure to attend two consecutive board meetings. Board action shall determine whether an absence is excused or unexcused.
  • Meetings; Quorum. Meetings shall be held as needed, but shall be held at least twice in each calendar year. Meetings shall be held at the call of the chairperson and/or the director and/or three or more board members acting together. A majority of the board qualified and serving shall constitute a quorum; board action shall be effective when adopted by the favorable vote of a majority of the board qualified and serving.