Proposed Improvements


Marktplatz is the anchor for our community. And it is certainly center stage. Help us keep our founder’s dream of preserving Marktplatz as being an integral part of our community. 


The Market Square Redevelopment Commission has set a goal to raise a total of $1.4 million over a one and one - half year period. This will renovate the former bank drive-through area on the northwest corner of Marktplatz and renovate the existing playground.


  • Children’s playground renovation (ADA inclusive playground equipment)
  • Renovation of existing structure will be turned into a small visitor center and venue for private and public events, complete with restrooms, a meeting room and kitchenette
  • Integrated landscaping and hardscape
  • Sidewalks/patios
New - View from Austin Street
Old - View from Austin Street
New - View from Vereins
Old - View from Vereins
New - View from ground
Old - View from ground