Historic Review Board

The HRB shall review all applications proposing additions, alterations, changes, construction, demolition, or relocation within the historic district and historic landmarks. No person or entity shall install, construct, reconstruct, alter, change, restore, remove, or demolish any Resource, structure or exterior architectural feature or other significant appurtenance of any historic landmark or of any building or structure located within the historic district unless and until such person or entity has completed review of his/her/its proposed changes by the Historic Review Board, herein referred to as the "board," or the Historic Preservation Officer, and has obtained a Certificate of Appropriateness in accordance with the further provisions hereof.  
  • Sharon Gail Joseph, Chair
  • Larry Jackson, Vice-Chair
  • Richard Laughlin 
  • David Bullion 
  • Mike Penick 
  • Michael McCrea
  • Jessica Mittel 
  • Barry Kaiser  
  • Joe Salinas, Jr.
Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings.  Minutes are also available following approval.

​2022 Development Calendar with HRB Deadlines and Meeting Dates


January 11 HRB Complete Packet         January 11 HRB Agenda only
February 15 HRB complete packet        February 15 HRB Agenda Only

See archived videos of HRB meetings on the 

City of Fredericksburg's YouTube Channel


February 9th HRB FULL PACKET
March 9th HRB Complete Packet - in person meeting at Rockbox Theater 
April 13th HRB Complete Packet    HRB Agenda April 13
May 11th HRB Complete Packet     HRB Agenda May 11th
November 9 HRB Complete Packet  November 9 HRB Agenda


April 9, 2019, HRB Packet including Historic District Expansion
June 11, 2019 HRB agenda and packet
July 9, 2019, HRB agenda and packet
August 13, 2019, HRB agenda and packet
September 10, 2019, HRB agenda and packet
October 15, 2019, HRB agenda and full packet
December 10, 2019, HRB agenda and full packet


January, 14, 2020, HRB agenda and full packet
February 11, 2020 HRB Agenda    Full Packet
March 10, 2020 HRB Agenda       Full Packet
April 14, 2020 HRB Agenda - Zoom Webinar   
Packet (except Albert Hotel)
Albert Hotel Briefs
Albert Hotel Drawings
May 12, 2020 HRB Agenda Zoom Webinar     Full Packet
June 9, 2020 HRB Agenda with Zoom Webinar Info      June 9 Full Packet
July 14 HRB Agenda with Zoom Info July 14 HRB full packet
August 11 HRB full packet                 Agenda with Zoom link
September 15 HRB full packet          HRB Agenda only with Zoom info
October 13 HRB Full packet            HRB Agenda Oct 13

December 15 HRB Full packet        HRB Agenda Dec 15