Parks & Recreation

The Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Department seeks to provide parks and facilities that enrich the lives of people of all ages with diverse, ethnicity, ability, belief, social and economic background and education.

ksburg has 9 parks, including 2 outdoor aquatic facilities, a restored United States Army outpost, 8 ball fields, 6 tennis courts, a soccer field, a skate park and a RV campground.


Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Department goals:

  • A system of outstanding parks and open space area which are responsive to the leisure needs of a growing community and sensitive to the conservation of natural resources.
  • Recreational facilities, programs and park areas that meet the needs of a diverse population with various levels of ability and skill.
  • An equitable geographic distribution of parks and recreational facilities.
  • Orderly replacement and/or re‐design of aging parks and recreational infrastructure to ensure existing recreational opportunities are not lost.
  • Cooperation with the school district, county and other agencies, as well as community organizations, to provide cost‐effective services and optimize benefits to citizens.
  • A Comprehensive Trail System that meets the needs of Fredericksburg residents

For information or reservations at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park call or visit:

Park Headquarters at 830-997-4202
432 Lady Bird Drive
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

For information or reservations at Marktplatz call:

Parks & Recreation Department at City Hall at 830-990-2044.

All park reservations may be made one year (365 days) prior to your event/camping.
 Payment of fee and deposit is required at the time of the reservation. For RV reservations, payment is required in full for reservations one month or less, please call for reservations longer than one month. Recurring reservations or ones needed more than a year in advance must be approved by City Council.