Residential Construction

Complete the available Building Permit Application and Certificate of Appropriateness for Historic Review if located within the Historic District, or designated as a Historic Landmark. 

Associated fees are as follows: 

Building Permit - $.15 per sq ft. 

Impact Fees (based on 5/8 water meter) as of July 1, 2021
     $3,575.00 for Water
     $3,425.00 for Sewer
     Total Fee to be collected:  $7,000.00

Electric Fees
     $300.00 transformer fee up to 200 amps
     $600.00 transformer fee up to 320 amps

Temporary Meter Loop - $75.00 

Certificate of Occupancy Fee - $25.00

Technology Fee - $6.00

For questions regarding the permitting process, please contact the Permit Technician at 830-990-2056.