Residential Construction

Initial point of contact: Shelby Collier, Development Coordinator, (830) 990-2013

Adopted Codes and Ordinances
The City of Fredericksburg's current adopted Building codes are

    2009 International Building Code
    2009 International Residential Code
    2009 International Plumbing Code
    2009 International Mechanical Code
    2011 National Electric Code        
    2015 International Energy Conservation Code     
    City of Fredericksburg Code of Ordinances
    All State and Federal Laws

Permit Process
  A permit is required for all construction projects within the City.  This includes fences, accessory buildings, garage/carport, curbing, additions or alterations
and new construction. In the event your property is located within the Historic District Certificate of Appropriateness Application may also be required.

Homeowners may obtain electrical, plumbing, and building permits only if the home is owned and has been occupied by the homeowner as their homestead
for a minimum of 1 year. Otherwise, a building permit will only be issued to a General Contractor who holds a CURRENT license with the City of
Fredericksburg. Please allow 2 weeks for review of a completed building permit application.

To obtain a Building Permit, please contact Shelby Collier, Development Coordinator, (830) 990-2013

   Builders' Packet    

   Residential Construction Packet       

Permit Fees

The following fees are provided as an estimate tool ONLY, City Staff will assign cost and contact you with an amount when the permit is ready.

Building Permit
     $.15 per square foot for everything under roof
     $.07 per square foot for accessory buildings
     $25.00 minimum charge
     $5.00 fence permit

    (based on meter size)
    3/4" water - $1,840.00
     4" sewer - $2,160.00
Tap Fees
   If water and sewer taps must be installed the following are in addition to the impact fees

    3/4" water tap - $1,500.00
    4" sewer tap - $1,025.00

Electric Service

    200 amp transformer - $300.00
    320 amp transformer - $600.00
    Temporary Meter Loop - $75.00

    The inspection process is meant to monitor compliance with adopted building codes and applicable regulations and to inspect the structural quality and general safety of buildings, in order to protect both structures and occupants. Inspections will be required on ALL projects that have an open permit. Additional inspections may be required at the discretion of the Building Official or Building Inspector. To insure same day inspections, please call before 12:00 noon.

   Inspections will NOT be performed on Thursday afternoons

   A final inspection is required prior to obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy.