Commercial Construction

Step 1: Check Zoning of subject property to insure compatibility of proposed use.  

Step 2: Meet with City Planning Department to discuss site plan, landscaping, screening, storm water detention, parking and historic district requirements, signs, pervious coverage, and zoning.  

Step 3: Meet with City Building Department to discuss permitting and plan review process 

Step 4: Submit proper drawings (site plan, floor plan, exterior lighting, sidewalks, drives, firepans, fire hydrants, and fences) along with the necessary approvals from Historic Review Board and Planning & Zoning Commission. 

Associated Fees are as follows:

Building Permit - $0.18 per sq ft. 

Electric Fees

   $300.00 transformer fee up to 200 amps
   $600.00 transformer fee up to 320 amps

Temporary Meter Loop - $75.00

Certificate of Occupancy - $25.00

Technology Fee - $6.00


Inspections are required for all work requiring a permit. Please call the inspection hotline at 830-990-2056 to schedule inspections.  

For questions regarding the inspection process, please contact the Building Official, David Millegan at 830-997-7521.