Commercial Construction

Step 1: Check Zoning of subject property to insure compatibility of proposed use.  

Step 2: Meet with Development Review Committee to discuss site plan, landscaping, screening, storm water detention, parking and historic district requirements, signs, pervious coverage, and zoning.  (DRC meetings are held each Thursday and are available by appointment only)

Step 3: Meet with City Building Department to discuss permitting and plan review process 

Step 4: Submit proper drawings (site plan, floor plan, exterior lighting, sidewalks, drives, firepans, fire hydrants, and fences) along with the necessary approvals from Historic Review Board and Planning & Zoning Commission. 

Associated Fees are as follows:

Building Permit - $0.18 per sq ft. 

Electric Fees

   $300.00 transformer fee up to 200 amps
   $600.00 transformer fee up to 320 amps

Temporary Meter Loop - $75.00

Certificate of Occupancy - $25.00

Technology Fee - $6.00

For questions regarding the permitting process, please contact the Permit Technician at 830-990-2056.