Development Review Committee

West Main St Fredericksburg Aerial View (credit Miguel Lecuona)
  1. Shelby Collier

    Associate Planner


A tailored consultation may be required to discuss potential projects that are in the introductory stages of fact finding. This service is ideal for questions regarding approval processes relating to City policy or new or prospective property owners that may be interested in development. While walk-ins are welcome, the Associate Planner may not always be available, this would be a pre-arranged time slot dedicated to providing answers to questions regarding development. This is a less formal meeting than DRC and may be requested via this online form.  

DRC Workflow


The Development Review Committee is a service offered by the City of Fredericksburg and allows  a forum for citizens to discuss potential development projects with a committee assembled from multiple development-related divisions.  

The Development Review Committee is made up of members from each of the following departments: 

Public Works and Utilities 

Engineering Department 

Fire Marshal’s Office 

Development Department 

Building Department 

Historic Preservation 

Economic Development 

Health Department 

These meetings are intended for projects that have surpassed the information gathering stage and are prepared to present a Plat or Site Plan for review.  

These meetings are scheduled every Thursday and each 30 minute time slot will cover a single property. If you have multiple properties you will need to schedule a separate meeting.