How many City Council members are there?
As per the Home Rule Charter, adopted by the citizens of Fredericksburg in 1991, the legislative and governing body of the City of Fredericksburg consists of a Mayor and four (4) Councilmembers. They are elected from the City at large. The term for the Mayor and Councilmembers is two years. No Mayor or Councilmember may serve more than four (4) consecutive two (2) year terms in the same office. The terms of the Councilmembers are staggered so that two members are elected to a regular term each year.

Each member of the City Council must be a resident citizen of the City of Fredericksburg and have been so for a period of not less than twelve months immediately preceding his/her election. Each member must also be a qualified voter of the State of Texas, and shall not be indebted to the City of Fredericksburg.

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1. How many City Council members are there?
2. When and where are the City Council Meetings held?
3. What is the procedure for placing concerns before the City Council?