ISO Rating

ISO Award

The Fredericksburg Fire EMS Department has received the second highest Public Protection Classification rating from the Insurance Services Office (ISO).  The Insurance Services Office, along with the Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office, has approved the Class 2 rating.  The score is based on a variety of factors, including fire alarm and communications systems, the water supply system including the condition and maintenance of hydrants and amount of available water and the training, staffing and distribution of firefighting assets.  This is an upgrade from the previously proposed Class 4 rating.

Less than 2% of all communities surveyed nationwide receive an ISO Class 2 rating.  This rating entitles the residential and commercial property owners within the City of Fredericksburg, or within five miles of a fire station and 1,000 feet from a fire hydrant, to receive the maximum credit on their insurance premiums (Class 1 and Class 2 ratings receive the same credit).  Property owners should contact their insurance providers to determine if their premiums will be impacted by the new rating.

Achieving this rating is the result of a team effort between Fredericksburg Fire EMS, the Fredericksburg Water Department and the Gillespie County Communications Department. Recent changes that helped achieve the rating include the addition of 3 new fire fighters, distributing firefighting apparatus, opening the Gillespie County Communications Center, and cross training EMS personnel to serve as fire fighters when needed.

For more information contact Fredericksburg Fire EMS at (830)997-7521.