Municipal Court Judges are available to perform weddings at locations selected by the couple. Please call the Court at (830) 997-9935 to reserve your date and time.

Bring the following required items to your ceremony:

1. Marriage License

You can obtain a marriage license from your local County Clerk’s office. You can contact the Gillespie County Clerk (Fredericksburg) at 830-997-6515. 
The Municipal Court DOES NOT provide marriage licenses.

2. Ceremony Fee (to be paid in cash only please)

Fees vary depending upon time, date, and location of your ceremony. Please see the fee schedule below for information.

Marriage Ceremony Fees

Location Fee
Fredericksburg Municipal Court
Includes the following locations: inside the Courtroom, the outdoor water fountain, the outdoor gazebo, or the garden at Marketplatz.
$75 during normal business hours
$150 outside normal business hours (after hours, weekends or holidays)
Wedding ceremony located within 5 miles of the Fredericksburg Municipal Court $150
Wedding ceremony located greater than 5 miles from the Fredericksburg Municipal Court (includes Luckenbach and wineries on US 290) $200
Wedding ceremony at Enchanted Rock $250