Storm Water / Drainage


The City of Fredericksburg is fortunate to have several creeks and tributaries flowing through our area.  These bodies of water are enjoyed by residents and visitors on a regular basis.  In 1992, the City took a proactive stance and created a Drainage Utility to better serve our community.  This utility was designed to protect the citizenry from the loss of life and property caused by surface water stagnation within the boundaries of the service area in order to maintain and improve existing water drainage facilities belonging to the City of Fredericksburg.  A drainage utility operates in a similar manner to electric, solid waste, water, and wastewater utilities.  Users pay for the services provided, which in this case includes effective flood control, erosion protection, and vegetation management.

In 2016, as part of its continuing effort to preserve our waterways and enhance the quality of life for our citizens, the City of Fredericksburg evaluated the existing conditions of selected stormwater infrastructure to develop a Drainage Master Plan which will be used to assist in the prioritization capital improvement projects to address any issues found. In response to these findings and to address ongoing drainage maintenance issues throughout the City, a new drainage utility fee structure was adopted to ensure the rates are fair and equitable.    These fees will be used to fund a portion of the new Stormwater/Vegetation Management program to handle the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the City's stormwater infrastructure and provide a dedicated revenue source to complete some of the larger capital improvement projects identified in the Drainage Master Plan.

Recent Projects & Activities

  • North Llano Stormwater Project
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  2. Brandon Vollmar

    Assistant Superintendent