Recycling Center


In accordance with CDC guidelines and to minimize person-to-person contact, the City of Fredericksburg has closed the City's Recycling Center, located at 302 E. Ufer Street, effective Thursday, March 26th until further notice.  If you require assistance with any surplus materials, please contact the City of Fredericksburg at (830) 997-7521, and every attempt will be made to assist.  Please note that the yard waste drop-off area located at the Recycling Center will still be available to residential customers of the City as well as the City's regular curbside brush chipping and leaf pick-up services. 

Our Success

The City of Fredericksburg's Recycling Center has become a model for small cities. We have visitors daily from other small towns in Texas that are interested in starting a center of their own. The success of our center can be attributed to you, the citizens of Fredericksburg for your efforts in recycling.


Many people think recycling is limited to the items they bring to the center. This is not true. Back in 1991, the City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting yard waste from entering our landfill. This is important, as yard waste typically represents approximately 20% of all waste going into a landfill. The city provides chipper service for all of its residents. You simply place your tree limbs and brush at the curb next to the street in front of your residence and the chipper crew will be by at least once a week to pick them up. The resulting chips may be picked up by anyone at the recycling center at no charge to be used as flowerbed mulch or other purposes.

Compost Pile

When you mow your grass, we encourage you to mulch it and let the clippings fall back into the grass and put valuable nutrients back into the soil. If you cannot mulch, you may bring the clippings to the landfill and place them on the compost pile at no charge. This also applies to other yard waste such as the weeds and dead plants cleaned from flower beds and gardens. For people who cannot drive to the landfill, we have placed a dumpster at the recycling center. We ask that you only place dead plants, weeds, vines, and other small yard waste in the dumpster, as space is very limited. No brush, trash, or plastic bags should be placed in the dumpster.