Garbage Collection

Residential Collection

The City of Fredericksburg offers garbage collection for residential customers only. Commercial garbage collection is provided by private, for profit companies. Residential garbage collection is provided once weekly. Your garbage should be placed at your designated curb location for pickup by 7:00 am. Please make certain the arrow is pointing toward the street (wheels to the curb). If your collection day falls on a holiday, it will be picked up as usual.


Upon notification to the Sanitation Department you will be entitled to a plastic cart supplied by the City of Fredericksburg. You can choose from three sizes of garbage carts. Your monthly garbage fee will depend on the size of the cart you select. Just as with your water or electric bill, you pay less when you use less. Garbage containers are offered in three different sizes:

  • 32-gallon cart: This size cart is suitable for single person households that generally place less than four garbage bags out per week for collection
  • 64-gallon cart: This size cart is suitable for two person households that generally place up to two trash cans for collection once per week
  • 96-gallon cart: This size cart is generally required by families of four or more


The most important feature of automated systems is that it allows your city to collect garbage much more efficiently. Automation eliminates manual loading, thus reducing job-related injuries. The city supplies an extremely durable container with a close fitting lid. This eliminates expense on your part for personal cans. Litter, odor, and fly problems are greatly reduced. The curbside containers are maneuverable and easy to roll. No strained backs from carrying out the garbage.

Refused Items

The following materials will not be collected by city crews during regular garbage collection:

  • Earth, rocks, broken concrete, or asphalt
  • Roofing materials or any trash generated by contractors or private businesses on your premises
  • Yard waste - This waste may be taken to the municipal landfill and placed on the compost pile at no charge