Summer Youth Program

          LAW ENFORCEMENT SUMMER YOUTH                                                             2022    

As the start of school nears, the Fredericksburg Police Department has concluded its annual Summer Youth Program for 2022.  Aside from the extreme heat this year, we had a great summer and hope that our kids in the community enjoyed it as much as we did.  

We would like to take the time to thank all those that have contributed to making this program a success.  Our police department staff and sheriff’s office staff cannot be thanked enough for their efforts.

 This year the kids had two pool days and two days at one of the pavilions in Lady Bird Park.  The lifeguards did a great job keeping our kids safe, and the park staff were attentive and made scheduling very easy.  We would also like to give a special thanks to all the staff at The Preserve on Doublehorn Road.  This was the first year the kids were able to see the Elephants and Giraffes at The Preserve.  Their staff made this program truly special for the kids, and we are grateful for the program and courteousness they provided us.  Thank you to the staff at EVO Fritztown Cinema.  This year the kids saw Lightyear and Minions the Rise of Gru.  Thank you to Sgt. Sterling Hood, Deputy Brad McNair, and K-9 Furex of the Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office for K-9 Furex’s demonstration for the kids at the park.  Lastly, thank you to the 4-H Club and to Retired Game Warden, Sam Harris for lending us all the archery equipment and fishing poles for our Fishing and Archery Day.  The fish did not cooperate very well that day, but the kids really enjoyed a friendly archery competition with some of our police officers.

 It takes the help of many to make this program successful.  All of us at the police department are thankful for the continued support we receive from our community each year to keep this program going.  

We look forward to doing this again next summer.  See you there.


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What is Required to Participate

We require each child to have a Release of Liability Form on file, this form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.  The form releases, all claims of liability or responsibility for an injury received by the child or damage suffered by the child as a result of the child's participation in the program. The parent agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Fredericksburg, the Fredericksburg Police Department, City personnel and/or any volunteer workers for any such damage or personal injury that the child may suffer as a result of their child's participation in the Summer Youth Program. This form also alerts staff of allergies, and any special needs of each child.

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Each week a child must bring a Permission Slip that corresponds with the activity. The permission slip will have the date, time, place and information pertaining to the event of the week. This form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and turned in when the child is dropped off. A new permission slip will be given to the parent when the event is over.

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Rules and Regulations

Show up ON TIME, Parents or Guardians, it is important that you pick your child up promptly at the end of each program.

Once an activity begins, you may not leave until the activity is over unless you are being picked up by your parent or guardian. The adult picking up the child MUST find and tell a sponsor before you leave the program.

WEAR A RED SHIRT!!! Unless we are swimming, you must wear a RED shirt of any kind during the activity.

Adult Volunteers are considered Sponsors and will be obeyed at all times.

No fighting or disorderly conduct (including bad language) is allowed. No pocket knives or weapons of any kind will be permitted.

The rules and regulations of all schools, parks, swimming pools, etc. visited on field trips will be obeyed.

Public and private property will be treated with respect and consideration at all times.

The use of tobacco products or alcoholic beverages WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.


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