At a City Council Retreat in October 2017 and in January 2018, staff presented six different areas to consider for annexation by the council.  It was determined at these retreats that there would be four areas of focus that would include the area along US Hwy 290 East from the existing city limit line near the Hill Country University Center eastward (Area 4), the area along US Hwy 87 North including the proposed hotel/conference center site and the Western Edge neighborhood (Area 1B), the area on West Live Oak (Area 6), and the area along US Hwy 87 South out to the Frieden development (Area 5).

These maps show the approximate locations of these areas.

  • All Areas Map
  • Area 4 Map
  • Area 6 Map
  • Area 6A and 6B                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          PROPOSED ANNEXATION AREA 6A & 6B APPROXIMATLY 82.36 ACRES OF LAND, GENERALY LOCATED ON THE WEST AND EAST SIDES OF POST OAK ROAD, FROM W. LIVE OAK TO 2,800 FEET NORTH OF S. BOWIE STREET. THIS INVOLUNTARY ANNEXATION WILL NOT INCREASE OR EXTEND THE CITY’S EXTRATERITORIAL JURISDICTION.