Community Visioning: A Path to the Future

In 1998, eleven community leaders formed a committee to develop a plan for the future of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County, just as businesses do in their strategic planning. The final plan “Journey to 2020 … A Focus on Gillespie County” was compiled by over 200 citizens who attended numerous meetings. The final report included 6 Key Focus Areas (Economy, Education, Health, Infrastructure, Quality of Life, and Tourism/Traffic/Transportation). 

The results of this plan have aided the City of Fredericksburg, Gillespie County, Hill Country Memorial, Fredericksburg Independent School District, Economic Development Commission, Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce and many other entities as a guide for the future needs of our community.

As 2020 is nearing, and much of the 1998 report has been accomplished, the City of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County began a new visioning process in February 2017. This process has included hundreds of our citizens who were involved in countless committee meetings and public forums, with additional input gathered from numerous sources. The visionary statements included in this document are intended as opportunities to keep concerned Fredericksburg and Gillespie County citizens involved in a continual process of planning for the future.

The now complete visioning plan “A Path to the Future” includes 4 Key Focus Areas (Business, Government, Family Life, and Quality of Life) along with goals and objectives which are identified in this document. These visions are a direct result of the issues that consistently generate the most involvement and interest throughout our community. Some of these issues may or may not be considered as imminent concerns, however, it is the goal of the participants in this process to avoid these issues becoming problems as they may have for other communities.

Our community has worked well together for generations to preserve our quality of life, our history, and our culture. I encourage everyone who was a part of, and those who are new to, “A Path to the Future” to become involved in and supportive of the views and concepts included in this document. We, and future generations, will be the beneficiaries of this foresight.

View 'A Path to the Future' in its entirety or view the Executive Summary.  

Linda Langerhans

Mayor, City of Fredericksburg