Temporary Sign Rules

Sign Definition:

  1. Sign, any letters, figures, symbols, trademarks, or devices designed to inform people or attract the attention of persons or to an individual, firm, profession, business, commodity or service and which is recognizable from any public right-of-way
  2. Temporary Sign, a sign to be hung made from paper, plastic, fabric of any kind, wood, or metal which may possess colors, characters, letters, illustrations, or ornamentations
    • A permit is required for a Banner or temporary sign
    • A permit shall be issued for a 20 day period
    • The number of permits shall be limited to six per calendar year per property
    • Each permit may be linked together for a consecutive period (i.e., 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 days).
    • Each 20 day period, even if linked together, shall carry a separate permit fee of 5 dollars per 20 day period
  3. Prohibited Signs, please refer to City of Fredericksburg Ordinance No. 18 – 009 located HERE for a complete list of prohibited signs

Permit Required:

  1. No person shall erect, construct, alter, repair, or relocate a sigh without first obtaining a permit from the City of Fredericksburg Development Services Department.
  2. Each Application for a sign permit shall be accompanied by such drawings, descriptions, and specifications as are determined by the City of Fredericksburg Code Enforcement Division.
  3. After a sign permit has been issued by the Building Department, it shall be unlawful to change, modify, alter, or otherwise deviate from the terms and conditions of said sign permit without the approval of the Building Department
  4. Temporary Sign Permit Applications are available at the Development Services Department where your permit fee may also be paid.


  1. No signs shall be placed in Texas Department of Transportation rights of ways
  2. Signs placed on private property must have written permission from the property owner
  3. Signs must be placed at least 3 feet from the edge of the pavement or curb
  4. Signs may not be attached to or located upon amenities such as benches, trash containers, or fences

Size and Height Restrictions:

  1. Signs in public rights of way and signs placed on private property must meet design regulations relating to size and height of the particular zoning district of the property in accordance with City of Fredericksburg Ordinance No. 18 – 009
  2. Signs associated with Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park will be permitted in accordance with Commercial (C2) zoning standards
  3. Signs associated with Fort Martin Scott will be permitted in accordance with Industrial (TM-1, M-2 and M-3) zoning standards
  4. Signs associated with Marketplatz will be permitted in accordance with Central Business District (CBD) zoning standards
  5. For a complete list of sign zoning standards, please refer to City of Fredericksburg Ordinance No. 18 – 009 located HERE

Other Restrictions:

  1. Signs should not be placed in a manner that interferes with vision, or otherwise affects public health, safety and welfare
  2. No lighting, balloons, streamers or other devices or materials may be attached to the sign
  3. Signs may not be placed on any roadway appurtenances, including but not limited to bridges, traffic control devices, official signs, sign supports, light standards, poles and delineators
  4. Sponsorship of the event may be indicated on the signs, but must be secondary to the promotion of the event.