City Parks & Property Rules

The City of Fredericksburg is excited to offer our City Parks for your enjoyment. There is something for everyone as we have numerous pavilions, amenities, playgrounds, pools, sports facilities, recreational activities, a nature hiking trail, and much more.

Park Hours:

  1. Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park hours are from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm daily. All persons must be out of the park by 10:00 pm as the gates will be locked at that time. Any vehicle in the park after 10:00 pm will remain in the park until the next morning at 8:00 am unless prior arrangements are made with the Park Manager.
  2. Facilities with seasonal venues will have their operating hours posted HERE.
  3. Hours for Marktplatz will be determined through a rental agreement.

Rental Fees:

Rental rates for all pavilions, facilities and venues are listed HERE.

Park Administrative Rules:

  1. The renting party is responsible for leaving pavilions, facilities and venues in a clean condition. All litter must be picked up and put in trash receptacles.
  2. Any damages to the pavilions, facilities and venues (inside and out) will be the responsibility of the renter.
  3. If the event is open to the public and there are food or beverage vendors, they must be permitted and inspected through the Gillespie County Health Division. A copy of the Temporary Health Permit must be filed in the Park Office. For information on Temporary Health Permits please call the Health Division at 830-990-2027.
  4. Licensed private security will be provided at the renter’s expense for any event lasting past 10:00 pm or any event serving alcohol. The security guards must be licensed, bonded and commissioned. The number of guards necessary and the hours the guards will be on duty will be determined by the park manager and the security company.
  5. All State laws regarding alcohol must be followed. If alcohol is sold, copies of the TABC permit and the $1,000,000 per occurrence Liquor Liability Insurance Policy, with the City of Fredericksburg listed as an additional insured on the policy, must be provided to the park manager prior to the event.
  6. Vehicle access to Marktplatz must have prior approval by the Director of Parks and Recreation.
  7. All animals must be on a leash. Removal of animal waste is required.
  8. Pets cannot be left unattended and are not allowed inside park rental facilities.
  9. Parking only in designated areas.
  10. Operate motor vehicles only on roads and parking lots.
  11. If signs or banners will be utilized for the event their location must be indicated on the event site plan and adhere to the City of Fredericksburg sign ordinance located HERE.
  12. Special Events must have a completed City of Fredericksburg Promoter Sponsor Checklist submitted at least 60 days prior to the event
    and if required a Special Event Permit Application submitted at least 25 days prior to the event.

Prohibited Practices:

  1. No tape, staples, glitter, confetti, piñatas, or rice are to be used in pavilions, facilities, or venues.
  2. No open fires are allowed in any parks or City property.
  3. No vandalizing or defacing any structures, facilities, or nature features.
  4. No hunting or releasing of any animal in any park or City Property.
  5. No indecent or abusive language, or any activity, which creates a public nuisance.
  6. No removing, damaging or otherwise disturbing plants, grass, trees or any part of the environment.