Development Review Guidelines

  1. Submittal dates are established for all items requiring Planning & Zoning (P&Z) and/or City Council approval and submittals shall be due by 4:00 PM on the submittal date (schedule available from Development Coordinator or by clicking HERE). Dates are tentative and subject to change and should be verified prior to submittal. For items requiring a public hearing, staff will determine if an item is ready for posting of legal notifications on the Monday following submittal. If a legal notice for a public hearing is posted and the item is not ready for consideration, staff will recommend postponing action.
  2. All other items shall be submitted by 4:00 PM on Monday, and will be scheduled for review at the first available Development Review Committee (DRC) Meeting. Items will be considered in the order they are submitted.
  3. DRC Meetings will be held once per week, and are generally scheduled for Thursdays starting at 1:30 pm. Meetings will be changed occasionally due to scheduling conflicts and holidays. Please verify with the Development Coordinator, on the specific meeting day and time during the week.
  4. A pre-application meeting with the DRC is mandatory. A preliminary plan should be provided for the pre-application meeting. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss submittal requirements, design recommendations, procedural requirements and timing, major issues or concerns, code compliance or any other matters pertinent to the project. Formal comments will not be provided as part of the pre-application meeting. Contact Shelby Collier to schedule a time for this meeting.
  5. Anyone wishing to discuss a project with the DRC prior to making an application should contact Shelby Collier, Development Coordinator. Items will be scheduled based on time availability and on a first come first served basis.
  6. All applications will be checked for completeness. Incomplete items will be returned and will not be scheduled for DRC. All applications shall include a completed checklist for the appropriate item, signed by the applicant. Since application forms and checklists change occasionally, please verify with the Development Coordinator that the submittal information is current.
  7. All items shall be submitted to the Development Coordinator. Items submitted to other members of the DRC will be sent to the Development Coordinator for routing possibly resulting in time delays.
  8. Review comments from the DRC will be returned to the applicant on the Monday, two weeks following the submittal. This schedule may change given holidays and/or number of items being reviewed.
  9. A response letter must be provided by the applicant and submitted with the revised plan which addresses each comment listed on the comment letter received from the City.
  10. Plans returned by an applicant, following comments from the City, will be reviewed at the next available DRC meeting following resubmittal. Any follow-up comments will be processed as mentioned above. Items requiring P&Z or City Council consideration shall be submitted /resubmitted no less than one week prior to posting of the agenda for the meeting.
  11. All DRC comments shall be addressed prior to issuance of a Building Permit or prior to an item being considered by the P&Z or City Council.
  12. Prior to issuance of a building permit, a completed set of construction plans shall be approved by the Engineering Department. (6 sets of plans shall be submitted for review)
  13. Projects requiring public improvements or construction within City right-of-way or easements will require a pre-construction meeting with the Engineering Department prior to release of the plans for construction.
  14. Projects submitted that do not comply with City Code requirements will be rejected and will not be reviewed.
  15. Projects that are changed or redesigned during the review process or following comments will be considered a new application and will be required to follow the complete DRC process.