Hotel / Motel Tax Funding Requests

The City of Fredericksburg announces that the City Council is accepting applications for Hotel/Motel Tax (HOT) Funding.  


Timeframe for funding is May 1, 2021 – April 30, 2022

March 4, 2021             Update City website

March 8, 2021             Send out Applicant letters

March 10, 2021           Put ad in the Fredericksburg Standard

March 26, 2021           Deadline to submit Applications

March 31, 2021           Provide City Council with HOT Funding Applications

April 5, 2021               City Council Regular Meeting discuss qualifications and possible allocations

April 19, 2021             City Council Regular Meeting approve the HOT Funding Allocations

April 21, 2021             Start getting contracts signed.  After contract is sign then a copy is provided to Finance to provide the funding.


For new applicants, only the original Application is necessary.  For returning applicants, in addition to the Application, please ensure that your organization is in compliance with the reporting requirements in your 2020/2021 HOT Grant Agreement.

Each applicant is responsible for attending April 5, 2021, City Council meeting to answer any questions the City Council might have.  This meeting will be held at the Rock Box Theater- 109 N. Llano Street at 6 pm. 

For additional questions, please contact Shelley Goodwin, City Secretary, at (830)997-7521.