Safety Office


The success of the City of Fredericksburg depends upon our efficient use of resources to produce high quality services and products for the citizens of our community. Our most important resource is our employees. To protect this resource, we are committed to providing a safe and healthful work place for all employees by establishing and maintaining an effective safety and health program. We consider safety and health to be a fundamental part of our organization's operations.

The responsibility for safety resides within each of us. We are each challenged to stay informed and to take responsibility for our own safety and the safety of our co-workers. To ensure the success of our safety and health process, we must all give our full participation and support to the safety policies and procedures that have been developed to protect us. Working safely and in accordance with established safety policies is an absolute requirement for all employees, supervisors and managers.

John Culpepper is the Safety Officer for the City of Fredericksburg and can be reached at 830-997-7521 or