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Our Mission

The Fredericksburg Animal Shelter's mission is to serve as an active animal control resource in the City of Fredericksburg by: 

  • Enforcing animal control ordinances.
  • Finding homes and providing temporary shelter for abandoned and unwanted animals.
  • Promoting spaying and neutering of dogs and cats.
  • Educating the community on responsible animal care.
  • Helping prevent cruelty to animals.

The Animal Shelter is run and funded by the City of Fredericksburg under the jurisdiction of the Fredericksburg Police Department. The functions of animal control and the shelter are to enforce the City’s animal control laws, and take in lost, stray, and owner surrendered dogs and cats. We are a minimum kill shelter. Dogs and cats that are brought in as strays have to be kept for a minimum of 4 days; if unclaimed, they then become the property of the City of Fredericksburg. After the 4 days, the animals are evaluated and then put up for adoption. At this time, the cats are socialized and the dogs are started on an obedience program as time allows.  Adopted dogs and cats have a small adoption fee that includes spaying/neutering, a rabies shot, and microchip.

Fredericksburg has an existing and growing problem with stray and feral cats. We are working hard to get this problem under control, but need your help as a responsible pet owner. We need the citizens of Fredericksburg to start spaying and neutering their cats and dogs to help control this over population!

Visit our Facebook Page to locate missing animals or to view those who are available for adoption.

Shelter History

The Animal Control Shelter construction was completed in 2017. It was made possible by the gracious donations from a resident of our community and community donations.

Animal Shelter Lobby Wall


             Adoption Fees

Animal Control Adoption Fees

Microchip Program

Microchip Program