2024 City Charter Election

Last summer, the City Council appointed a Charter Review Committee of 11 residents, including 3 City Staff as Ex-Officio Members. The charge of this Committee was to review the City Charter. After a series of meetings, the committee created a Final Report to be presented to the City Council in January for their consideration. 

The City Charter is like the constitution of the City; it establishes the city’s general powers, duties, and administrative structure of the City. The City Council cannot change the Charter only by a majority vote of qualified voters living within the city limits. The City Charter was last amended in 2016. The current City Charter can be reviewed here: Fredericksburg City Charter.

 If you would like to learn more about the upcoming Charter Amendment propositions and election, please review the following materials:

Final Report (this document explains the Charter Review Committee's reasons for their recommendations)

Notice of the Special Election 

Notice of the General Election

Sample Ballot (March 2024)