Posted on: April 7, 2017

City of Fredericksburg 2016 Annual Report now available!!!

2016 Annual Report

Celebrate Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg is well known for grand celebrations that multiply our population on a weekend and entertain locals and tourists with great food, great music, and all of the fun a person can handle.  Throughout the year, our special events are legendary. 

Some would say the quiet celebrations here are the best; a family wedding, a homerun at Oak Crest Park, a forever home found at the Animal Shelter, a birthday picnic at Marktplatz, a welcome home.  Our community is rich with a a spirit of belonging that surrounds Fredericksburg.  Celebrations are people sharing joys and sorrows.  We celebrate to honor our ideals, beliefs, experiences, and history.

In terms of growth and prosperity, we have a lot to celebrate.  New construction and building restoration are robust.  Businesses continue to report healthy growth.  The Public Works Department saw many Capital Improvement Projects during 2016 in Street, Drainage, Electric, Water, and Wastewater Divisions.

The 2016 City of Fredericksburg Annual Report demonstrates we are a city with a bright future that continues to celebrate its rich history.  Keeping balance between the two is at the heart of our progress.

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