Commercial Construction

Initial point of contact: Shelby Collier, Development Coordinator, (830) 990-2013

Adopted Codes and Ordinances
The City of Fredericksburg's current adopted Building codes are

    2009 International Building Code
    2009 International Residential Code
    2009 International Plumbing Code
    2009 International Mechanical Code
    2011 National Electric Code    
    2015 International Energy Conservation Code     
    City of Fredericksburg Code of Ordinances
    All State and Federal Laws

Permit Process

   In the event of  new construction, remodel, addition or any other alteration of a Commercial Building a Building Permit will be required. This will require 2
sets of plans for review, a copy of the Building Permit application and a copy of an asbestos survey. A Building Permit will only be issued to a General
Contractor who holds a CURRENT license with the City of Fredericksburg. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for an internal review of a completed Building Permit Application.
   Projects exceeding $250,000.00 in value will be assessed a plan review fee. This fee will be set at one half the building permit fee.

   Projects exceeding $50,000.00 in value will require a TDLR number

   Larger projects may call for independent review from SBCCI and owner pays all costs incurred.

    Building Permit Application    
Permit Fees

The following fees are provided as an estimate tool ONLY, City Staff will assign cost and contact you with an amount when the permit is ready.
Building Permit
   New Construction and added square footage
          $.18 per square foot of floor space for 0-2500 square feet, plus
          $.10 per square foot of floor space for 2501-5000 square feet plus
          $.07 per square foot of floor space for 5001+ square feet.
   Alterations are based on cost of construction

Impact Fees

   Water - fee based on water meter size
   3/4 meter - $1,840.00
   1" meter  - $2,944.00
   2" meter  - $11,776.00

   Sewer - fee based on water meter size
   3/4" meter - $2,160.00
   1" meter    - $3,456.00
   2" meter    - $13,824.00 

Electric Service

    The owner is responsible for all costs. A complete application for electric service must be filled out and submitted for an estimate by the City of 
Fredericksburg Electric Dept. Superintendent. One-half of the estimated job cost must be received before work will begin. The remaining balance due           must be paid before the service is connected.
   Plumbing Permit
   Gas Permit
   Electric Permit
   Mechanical Permit   

    The inspection process is meant to monitor compliance with adopted building codes and applicable regulations and to inspect the structural quality and general safety of buildings, in order to protect both structures and occupants. Inspections will be required on ALL projects that have an open permit. Additional inspections may be required at the discretion of the Building Official or Building Inspector.  
    inspections will NOT be performed on Thursday afternoons.    

   Commercial Construction Packet

   A final inspection and completion of CO Form will be required on all jobs in order to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.