September 13, 2017

Fredericksburg to celebrate 175 years in 2021

Fredericksburg Anniversary Committee volunteers have begun planning for Fredericksburg’s 175th Anniversary in 2021, marking its founding in 1846.

Organizers will involve as many people and organizations as possible to remember and celebrate historic events, ancestors and culture throughout the year 2021.

“We have observed our major anniversaries since our founding in 1846,” Fredericksburg Anniversary Chairman Tony Klein said. “We have had incredible celebrations as a community, and the 175th anniversary events will carry on that tradition. We invite citizens, businesses and organizations to participate as we plan festivities and celebrate Fredericksburg’s heritage.”

Joe Kammlah, chairman of the 175th history sub-committee, said the celebration will highlight Fredericksburg’s storied past. “We have a great team of local historians who are helping teach and enlighten others about our rich history,” he said. “This is going to be an exciting celebration for everyone who loves Fredericksburg.”

Anniversary Committee Vice-Chairperson and Fredericksburg Mayor Linda Langerhans said Fredericksburg citizens and organizations will be invited to organize and create events to reflect the overall celebration. She said, “We have many civic and social organizations in town which are eager to participate in the anniversary, and we are hopeful to have all involved.”

The 175th Fredericksburg Anniversary Steering Committee includes: Chairman Tony Klein, Vice Chair Linda Langerhans, Treasurer Gary Neffendorf , Secretary Marion Wiggins, and members: Connie Crenwelge, Tim Dooley, Krista Gratigni, Debbie Farquhar, Lester Frantzen, Steven Harris, Barbara Heinen, Marty Kaderli, Joe Kammlah, Timothy Koock, Amanda Koone, Ernie Loeffler, Penny McBride, Chris Nevins, Hector Pedregon, Karen Oestreich, Loretta Schmidt, Chris Schoessow, Troy Sifford, Will Stehling and Glen Treibs.

To learn more about Fredericksburg’s upcoming anniversary, go to More information will also be published in the Fredericksburg Standard Radio Post as it becomes available.