Historic Preservation

Fredericksburg was founded May 8, 1846. Immigrant families, from what is now known as Germany, were given a town lot measuring 100' x 200' and a 10 acre outlot. Most families first build a log home or half-timbered fachwerk and later more substantial stone homes. Many of these homes are still standing. Subsequent generations also left their mark on the built environment as they built their businesses along Main Street (formerly known as San Saba). It is the duty of the Historic Preservation Officer and the Historic Review Board to protect historic properties within the local historic district and individual landmarks. 

Map of Historic District

List of Individual Landmarks Outside of Historic District.

In 2017, City Council hired the first Historic Preservation Officer to oversee changes to historic properties. Properties located within the historic district and individual landmarks must obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness for all exterior changes.

Certificate of Appropriateness Application.

Link to Design Guidelines .

Historic Preservation Ordinance - Updated 2107

Historic Review Board