Rental of City Facilities for Special Events



The City of Fredericksburg encourages special events for the enjoyment of our citizens and visitors, our cultural heritage and the promotion of the City. Some gatherings and organized activities may place unique demands on public resources or pose a potential danger to public health, safety and welfare. In order to plan for these demands and ensure the safety of our community, it is necessary that the City receive advance notice of these events.

To check availability or if you have any questions, please call the Special Events Coordinator at (830) 990-2044.


About the Special Event Applications:

A City of Fredericksburg Promoter/Sponsor Checklist along with your reservation to utilize City facilities is necessary to begin the planning process in cooperation with City services such as police, health, EMS, fire, streets and emergency management. The Promoter/Sponsor Checklist may be filed as much as 365 days prior to the event but no later than 60 days prior to the event, however, the checklist DOES NOT secure your special event. The Promoter/Sponsor Checklist is the first step in the event planning process and will be required for most all events. A Promoter/Sponsor Checklist will not be required for events such as:

  • Events conducted entirely on the property of a religious institution, educational institution, college, or university campus. City, State of Federal streets or parking lots for multi-tenant buildings, regardless of location, shall not be considered part of a religious institution, educational institution, college or university campus.
  • Events on property owned or controlled by the City subject to a contract, lease or management/operating agreement with a person or entity where the agreement addresses events on the property or the event is included within the permitted uses in the agreement.
  • Processions of vehicles operated in compliance with traffic laws or a procession of pedestrians excluding organized walks, runs, parades and the like, in compliance with traffic laws along or upon public sidewalks, public parks, or private property.
  • Events held for National Night Out.
  • Funerals and Funeral processions.
  • First Amendment Activities conducted entirely on sidewalks, in public parks or on private property in compliance with traffic laws and any other applicable City Ordinances (for example, handbills, placing property in rights of way, health laws etc.).
  • Events conducted under the supervision of or with the permission of a governmental entity on property owned, leased, or operated by a governmental entity other than the City.

Necessity of Special Events Permit Application:

The necessity for a Special Events Permit Application will be determined by the City Manager based on the information submitted in the Promoter/Sponsor Checklist. When required, a Special Event Permit may be submitted 365 days in advance but must be completed at least 25 days before the event in order to assure time for City processing.

In coordination with the Promoter/Sponsor Checklist, a Special Event Permit is a written authorization from the City to hold an event. This permit is necessary when an event involves one or more of the following activities:
  • Closing or partial closure of a public street
  • Blocking City owned property
  • Sale of merchandise or food/beverages on City property
  • Erecting a tent larger than 200 square feet on City property
  • Placement of a stage , trailer or other portable structures on City property
  • Placement of portable toilets, temporary no-parking signs or pedestrian boundary markers on City property
  • Events involving more than 300 people at any one time on City property

Examples of special events requiring permits include, but are not limited to:

  • Private parties or weddings of more than 300 people on City owned property
  • Parades
  • Bike races
  • Marathons/runs/walks
  • Fireworks displays
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Carnivals, car shows, swap meets and other types of events that use public property or rights of way

Examples of events that DO NOT require Special Events Permits include:

  • Private parties or weddings of less than 300 people
  • Fund raisers, and other events held on property not owned by the City.
  • Funerals and funeral processions

Other ordinances, such as regulations for noise, debris, health permits, City adopted fire codes, and parking, must be observed.